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Betta Fish for SaleBetta Fish for SaleBetta Fish for SaleBetta Fish for SaleBetta Fish for Sale

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Home > The AquaZoo aquatic system is the perfect system for retail sales targeting Betta Fish

The AquaZoo aquatic system is the perfect system for retail sales targeting Betta Fish

The Ultimate Betta Tank for Retail Sales
AquaZoo is a revolutionary new way to maintain and display your Betta fish. This attractive system provides impressive and easy viewing and low maintenance. The first impression is the only impression and having your Bettas look their best is key to sales. The AquaZoo is designed to do just that. It allows Betta males to show off their stuff and impress other males with their spectacular fins and size without harming each other.
The 36" AquaZoo easily displays 18 aggressive Bettas in a half gallon low-maintenance, self-contained system that is fully filtered. The filtration is high-volume, bio-filtration system and a unique water current system. The unique hydrodynamic design creates filtration currents within the display area that have a self-cleaning effect which reduces maintenance while using less than 10 watts of electricity.
Learn why the AquaZoo aquatic system will increase sales of Betta fish and draw new potential customers to considering Siamese fighting fish because this aquarium is staged to show off Bettas in optimal lighting and surroundings like never before. In fact this system is patent pending currently. Old school Betta keeping was to store male Betta fish in cups or small bowls which is laborious to clean and not designed to show case fish properly.
The AquaZoo system will become a focal point in your store, children and adults absolutely love it and it only requires a 36" x 24" area of counter space that can hold 36 Bettas. It’s designed to be a sales machine! The 36 inch AquaZoo holds 18 bettas in 2 inch compartments. The compact 10"H by 12"D by 36"W AquaZoo tank holds specimens in an attractive and easy to manage set up. A second unit can be tiered behind the first for a more impressive counter display.
The ultimate Betta fish sales machine! Order today.
Get More From Less
- Less Maintenance
- Less Energy
- Less Labor
- More Floor Space
- Fish Display Better


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