Betta Divided Tank for Sale - 3 Way w/ Divider and Top Glass Canopy Alfie Brand

Betta Divided Tank

Alfie Betta Aquarium Kit 2 Dividers 3 Way Pink or Blue

Measures 11.5"L x 4"W x 6.5"H
Come with a small filter can purify water, a drainage hole at the bottom of the tank for water change easily for fighting fish.
It is made up of an acrylic tank, dividers and 3 plants.
The top cover of the tank has 6 LED lights which the colors have white and blue, can be adjustable.
Safe showcase to display Betas

-Adopt quality transparent acrylic material, high transmittance, with six LED top cover lights, 3 blue and 3 white, free to adjust light color.
-With two isolation plates, fish tank is divided into three sections, can use for hatching of fish fry, isolating sick fish, and protecting pups.
-With three luminous non-toxic artificial grasses, absorb light during the day and glow when it is dark at night.
-With water change valve at the bottom, does not affect the fish when changing the water.
-The filter bubble head can generate bubbles when connected to the air pump. The nozzle has activated carbon, has good filtering effect.

Brand: Alfie
Color: purple, pink, blue
Material: Acrylic
Item Weight: 0.2 Pound

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