AquaFarm Aquarium the Self Cleaning Fish Tank that Grows Food

AquaFarm Aquarium

The Aquafarm is both a fish tank that cleans itself and a herb garden.

Aquafarm is an Aquaponics Garden, which is a combination fish tank and herb garden made by Back to the Roots. Alejandro Velez and Nikhil Arora started the company in 2009, during their last semester at UC Berkeley.

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Aquafarm Aquaponics Fish Garden

Aquafarm, the second product Back to the Roots offered (the first was a kit to grow your own mushrooms), was successfully funded on Kickstarter in December 2012.

What Is It, Then?

The fish waste is used to naturally feed the plants on top of the tabletop eco-system. The plants, in turn, clean the water for your fish.

The Aquafarm has organic seeds from Seeds of Change and natural supplies for fish from Home Grown Ponics.

What is going on inside?

The fish poop and pee, and the good bacteria in the water turn all that waste into nutrients.

Then, the fish waste water is pumped up and turned into a great organic fertilizer for the plants. The plants use the nutrients and clean the water, which then falls back down for the fish to drink.

There is no soil, and the plants grow directly on rocks. All the nutrients come from the fish, so there is no need for artificial fertilizers.

Because of the plants, there's no need to clean the water. It's a fish tank that cleans itself!

You can choose from fresh spinach, baby greens, oregano, beans, basil, mint, parsley, and thyme, among other things.

Which type of fish?

You can choose from a lot of fish that will do well in the system, like the Betta fish that is shown in their system in this post.

Aquafarm is a fish tank that grows food and cleans itself.

-The fish waste feeds the plants, and the fish tank cleans itself. The water is cleaned by plants.
-Comes with organic seeds and everything you need to get started.
-The design is sleek and attractive
-It can hold 3 gallons
-It's great for the kitchen or the classroom
-This is also a great gift
-It was made and designed in California