Betta akarensis for Sale | Sarawak Ladder-Fined Betta are a mouth brooders

Betta akarensis photo Haji Badaruddin Betta akarensis is a type of fish in the Betta akarensis group that has a mouthbrooding father. All of the species in the akarensis complex are similar, and you can tell them apart by the stripes on their faces. The males are brighter in color, and their dorsal and anal fins are pointier than those of the females. The International Betta Congress says that two B. akarensis fish can live in a 10 gallon tank, but more than two should live in a 55 gallon tank or bigger. It's helpful that caves and plants give pairs places to hide. In a pair or species situation, it's possible that the tanks will have fry. Betta akarensis needs soft, acidic water that has been well filtered and is kept at about 70°F.

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Betta akarensis, adalah ikan asli pulau Kalimantan
International Betta Congress
Betta akarensis complex