Betta albimarginata for Sale | white-seam Bettas are found in the Kalimantan Timur area of Borneo

Betta albimarginata Betta albimarginata fish are available for sale. There aren't many of them, so check out what's left. Save money on shipping straight to your house. We sell more than 60 different kinds of Betta fish online. Betta albimarginata is a mouth-breeder that can live in pairs, species tanks, or community tanks with other fish. Betta channoides is an animal that looks like it. Most of the time, male B. albimarginata are more colorful than females. Most of the time, the women look like washed-out men. The International Betta Congress says that two fish should live in a 10 gallon tank with caves and plants for cover. Three or more fish should live in a 20 gallon tank or bigger. Most of the time, females start the spawning process. Males, on the other hand, incubate eggs for 10 to 15 days, with 12 days being the most consistent. The time it takes to hatch depends on how warm the water is. There could be anywhere from 3 to 40 fry. This species does well in almost any kind of water as long as it is clean and well-filtered. For the best results, keep the water soft and acidic, and keep the temperature in the low to mid-70s F.

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