Mouthbrooding labyrinth fish: Betta channoides the Red Snakehead Betta

Betta channoides The beautiful Red Cherry Betta lives in the watershed of the Mahakam River. It is a labyrinth fish. The males' bodies are a bright fruit-red color, and their gill plates are especially pink. Their heads are black. With the exception of their clear pectoral fins, each fin is the same cherry color as the rest of their bodies and ends with a bright white stripe. With a maximum size of just over an inch, this species is beautiful and friendly, and it makes a great centerpiece fish for small aquariums. The International Betta Congress says that B. channoides can be kept in species tanks, community tanks, or in pairs. Pairs can live in aquariums as small as 10 gallons. They can live in almost any type of clean, well-filtered water, but soft, acidic water is best. When it comes to figuring out if a Channoides is male or female, the males usually have more vivid colors than the females. Most women look like a washed-out man. If you shine a light on a woman's ovaries, you can see them. Reproduction: Channoides is a mouthbrooder, which means that the male incubates the eggs for 10 to 15 days, with 12 days being the most common. The time it takes to hatch depends on how warm the water is. Usually, the females start the process of laying eggs. Usually, anywhere from 3 to 40 fry are born. Read The Red Snakehead Betta, which is about this species, to learn more about it.

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International Betta Congress
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