Betta hendra fighting fish from Kalimantan Tengah, Indonesia

Betta edithae A new Betta species has been described and it's called Betta hendra, a bubble-nesting fighting fish of the Betta coccina species group. This species differs from the other members of its group based on its bright greenish iridescent color on the flanks including unpaired fins.

This is an exciting addition to the more than 65 species of Betta fish distributed in South-East Asia. Betta hendra is described from south-west Borneo or Kalimantan Tengah of Indonesia where they restricted to peat swamp forests with black water and a pH value of 5.0 or below.

This species was named in honor of Hendra Tommy of Borneo who discovered and exported the species. It's worth noting that B. hendra have been observed under aquarium conditions as a bubblenester and specimens raised in captivity are substantially larger than the wild-caught type specimens.

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Betta hendra


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