Brunei Beauty the spotfin Betta are paternal mouthbrooders

Betta macrostoma Betta macrostoma are fathers who raise their young in their mouths. They are called "spotfin Bettas." This species is only found on the island of Borneo, where it lives in pools of water where rivers and streams move very slowly. It is thought that they are about two and a half inches long. The IUCN Red List of endangered species says that this species is vulnerable, which means that it is important to keep it alive. The International Betta Congress says that Bettas can live in pairs, species tanks, and community tanks, and they should have places to hide, like caves and plants. Males that are ready to breed are a bright black and orange to red color. Most females have two bands on their sides, but males don't. If you shine a light on a woman's ovaries, you can see them. Breeding B. macrostoma has a more in-depth look at how this species is raised.

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