Blue Spotted Betta Sinking Log: Betta Ornament Review

Betta Sinking Log On Sale the Blue Spotted Betta Sinkng Log is made by Blue Spotted makers of fine aquarium fish products. The Blue Spotted Sinking Log is beneficial for your Betta fish for a number of reasons which include making them Happy! Yes we said Happy. Betta fish enjoy knowing they have a place to rest or hide. Its very relaxing to watch them investigate the Betta ornament. Order Today.

The Blue Spotted Betta Sinking Log is a natural looking log, ideal for any bowl or tank, great for your pet Betta Fish! It provides a perfect play and resting spot for your Betta Fish, allowing your Betta to play, hide and peacefully. To install rinse with cool-running water after removing from package, and position the log inside your Betta's bowl or tank, helping to create a paradise for your pet. The Blue Spotted Betta Sinking Log provides enjoyment for your Betta and yourself as you relax watching your pet explore and use the new ornament. Post a picture of your Betta using the Betta Leaf Pad to this page. To safely capture your Betta fish use a Betta net that fits in your Betta tank /bowl to capture your Betta fish without injury.

Blue Spotted is now defunct

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