Choosing A Healthy Betta Fish Begins with a Buying Healthy Betta Fish

Choosing A Healthy Betta Fish Let's look at some good advice about what to look for when buying a betta fish. A healthy betta fish is the best place to start if you want to choose a healthy, happy one that will live a long time.

If you buy a sick betta, you will have to spend time and energy taking care of it, and the poor fish might die before you can enjoy his company.

You can shop at or at a pet store near you. When you walk into the pet store near you, look at everything. What does the store look like as a whole? Do the other fish and pets for sale look like they are being taken care of? How clean are their tanks? Are the other things for sale on the shelves in a neat order? Or are the aisles full of stuff? Are the people who work there nice and willing to help, or do they just stand around and look like they'd rather be somewhere else?

A clean, well-kept store with helpful workers is a good sign that things are going well. Check out the fish room now. Do the fish tanks seem clean? Or is there something brown and green on the glass? Do the fish appear to be happy and healthy? Are they in the water? Or do they just sit at the bottom or top of the tank, making it look like they need air? If the fish in the aquariums don't look good, that could mean that some of the betta fish in the shop are also sick.

Now look at the place where they catch the fish. People often forget about this part of the store. Most likely, it's a counter with a sink. Is this place clean and not too wet? Or is it a mess with liquids all over the place, a lot of stuff, trash, and gunk in the sink? And finally, go take a look at the betta fish. Is there a lot of color? Do they look active? Look for tears on their fins. Look closely at the Bettas in good light. Look for problems like crystals that look like salt or things that look like cotton on the fish. Check to see if the betta's eyes are clear and not swollen.

No matter how much you like it, don't buy a betta with any of the above problems. And don't buy betta fish that have been in the store for less than three days. Sometimes diseases take that long to show up. I know I talked a lot about the store being clean, neat, and organized, but I dare you to show me a poorly run, dirty store that sells top-of-the-line, healthy Betta Fish that look good.