Marimo Moss Balls for Sale perfect for Betta fish aquariums

Marimo Moss Balls Marimo Moss Balls are the best plant to put in your guppy tank. Aegagropila linnaei, also known as Marimo, is a type of filamentous green algae that lives in a number of lakes in the northern hemisphere. These plants grow into big green balls that look like they are made of velvet. We know of colonies of these balls only in Iceland, Scotland, Japan, and Estonia.

These Moss Balls are most popular with people who keep Betta fish and Guppy fish. This is because they look beautiful, exotic, and interesting. Most importantly, these plants make oxygen and get rid of nitrates, which makes the water better. Basically, these live plants are a natural biological filter for the aquarium that also gets rid of ammonia.

Marimo can grow in tap water at room temperature as long as the water is changed every one to two weeks (more often in the summer and less often in the winter). This makes them very easy to care for. Hobbyists cut moss balls into smaller pieces because they know that each piece will grow into its own Marimo Moss Ball, which doesn't grow algae. Moss balls don't need much light and don't need CO2, which makes them very appealing to aquarists who want plants that don't need much care.

These plants are so hardy that they can live in the mail for up to 30 days. They usually come in small Ziploc bags with a little bit of water. Some of the Marimo might have been a little bit out of shape when you got them. Put them in a clean bottle of water and roll and squeeze them gently. Marimo Moss Balls are known to live for a long time. You can easily find 2-3 inch balls that are 8-15 years old.

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Benefits of keeping Marimo Moss Balls with Betta Fish

- Great for small tanks (such as guppy and betta tanks) for providing oxygen and clean water to fish.
- Does not need special or high intensity lighting, and can be kept in any freshwater aquarium.
- The moss grows slowly, so these moss balls are easily over 5 years old!
- Extremely dense moss - bright green and healthy.
- Absolutely gorgeous and exotic looking plants for the aquarium

Scientific and common names for Marimo Moss Balls

- Marimo ball
- Aegagropila linnaei
- Ball seaweed
- Cladophera ball
- Moss ball
- Lake ball

Marimo Moss Balls
photo credit: Vincent Lim Show Chen