Wild Pumpkin Betta simplex the mouthbrooding labyrinth fish from Thailand

Wild Betta Fish Wild Pumpkin Betta simplex for sale from Thailand. These Betta are critically endangered in the wild. So it's important to breed these fish and keep them in the hobby because we could lose them. This is an important species to keep because they are marked as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List of endangered species where it is classified as Critically Endangered. Over fishing for bait fish may threaten this species. Also habitat degradation. Please consider keeping and breeding this fish so it remains in the hobby, do some awesome and order some today. This species is threatened due to over fishing for bait fish and habitat degradation. Males have a broader head then females and a much darker stripe on the anal fin. Females may not have a stripe or faint stripe on the anal fin. Females ovaries might be visible via spotlighting according to the International Betta Congress. To read more about Pumpkin Betta simplex check the article called Rare and unusual Bettas at BAS.

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