Transporting Your Betta Fish Home from the fish store as easy as possible

Transporting Your Betta Fish Home It will be stressful for your betta fish to go from the store to his new home. Follow these tips to make your new betta fish's trip as easy and stress-free as possible.

Make sure that only a quarter of the betta's container is filled with water. The other three quarters should be air.

Take a small cooler or Styrofoam box and some newspaper with you to the pet store. The newspaper will act as a shock absorber around the betas container. Put the cooler on the floor or strap it to the seat. If the temperature outside is less than 70 degrees, ask the fish store for a small fish bag filled with hot water. This will keep the fish from getting cold by acting as a heating pad.

Make sure the heating pad doesn't touch the container where the bettas live. Get right back home. The less stress and trauma the betta fish has to go through from the store to his new home, the faster he gets there. Some people who keep betta fish as pets use API Stress Coat Water Conditioner when moving them.