Grade C Indian Almond Catappa Ketapang Leaves for Sale

Ketapang Leaves

Why do hobbyists use Indian Almond Leaves?

Indian Almond Leaves (i.e. Terminalia catappa or Ketapang ) or Seemandelbaumblätter are used as aquarium water conditioners for blackwater fishes such as arowana, Bettas, discus, plecos, apistos, killifish; and also for breeding frogs, shrimps and crabs. They promote health, healing and breeding. They are known to have antibacteria and antifungal properties. Bettas are known to be induced to spawn by just putting a few of the leaves into their tank. Fish suffering fin rot or injuries (such as spawning injuries) will definitely benefit from having the leaves in their quarantine tank. But they can be used for the usual aquariums too.

Grade C Indian Almond Catappa Ketapang Leaves Description

If you are planning on breeding Betta fish and want to ensure the best results than insist on the best leaves. There are 90+ to 150 leaves in 200 grams depending on how many large leaves and how many small leaves you get. These leaves have larger tears and holes unlike my Grade A or Grade B leaves, but they are no less efficacious and are indeed still good quality leaves as you can see from the photo.

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