Betta balunga for Sale | B.balunga mouthbrooding fighters occurs in the NE region of Borneo

Betta aurigans The Betta akarensis complex is linked to the Betta balunga. This male fighter with a mouthbrooding female lives in the northeast of Borneo. Face stripes are used to tell them apart. When they are adults, it is easy to tell which is which because the male has longer dorsal, caudal, anal, and pelvic fins. The male's caudal has a pretty net pattern, and the male's anal has a dark blue edge and a lighter blue edge above it (Jan Rehwinkel). People also think that males have more intense colors. The International Betta Congress says that Betta balunga can live in species tanks, community tanks, or with other Betta balunga. But a pair of fish can live in a 10 gallon tank, while a group of fish should live in a 55 gallon tank or larger. Caves and plants give these fish a place to hide. Betta balungas need water that is soft, acidic, and well-filtered. They should be kept at about 70 degrees F. All members of the Betta akarensis complex are the same kind of species.

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