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Betta brownorum Betta brownorum is a species of Betta. It is part of the group of nine species called the Betta coccina complex. It is known that Betta brownorum will fight with each other. According to the Natural History Museum, this species lives in the peat swamp forests of Sarawak, Borneo, where the water is tea-colored, highly acidic (pH4), and low in nutrients and dissolved oxygen. Check out the Red Wine Bettas Blog to read a long post with great photos about how to care for B. brownorum. The owner is working with a group of F1 youngsters and young adults and keeping a journal about it. As stated, this species needs soft, acidic water that has been well filtered and should be kept cool, in the low to mid-70s F. The males of this bubblenest breeder may have more vivid colors, but the International Betta Congress says that this species has been known to have mouthbrooding babies. Some hobbyists put plants that float on the water and driftwood from Malaysia in the breeding tank. Compared to the other members of the complex, B. brownorum is much easier to spot because it has a much larger side.

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