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Betta burdigala Betta burdigala is a bubble-nesting fish that lives in places with dark water. This species is part of the complex of Betta coccina. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species says that this species is also in danger. When the male B. burdigala is colored up, its sides are bright green, and its dorsal fin is big. Female B. burdigala are usually a dull red color and have an egg tube. They do well in soft, acidic water that is well-filtered and should have places to hide, like caves and plants with big leaves. The International Betta Congress says that temperatures were in the mid-70s. Also, because they live in bubbles, they like to nest in black plastic film canisters. You should read Betta burdigala from Inglorious Bettas about her experience breeding this species. After a water change, the male B. burdigala built and kept TWO bubblenests: one under the driftwood and another in the film canister. The article also talks about how leaf litter can be used to create the perfect conditions for blackwater. The French city of Bordeaux is called Burdigala in Latin, so it makes sense that this species is called the Wine Betta and is rare in the hobby.

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