Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Betta fish keeping

We've made a list of all the questions people ask most often about betta fish tanks to help you find the right one for your betta.

Q: How do I figure out what size tank is best for my betta?

As a general rule, each inch of fish needs one gallon of water. Add another gallon for luck, so a three-gallon tank is best for a single betta.

What is the best water temperature for betta fish?

74 - 78 degrees Fahrenheit.

Q: Can a betta fish jump out of its tank?

Yes. Betta fish like to jump, so you should always cover the tank with a tank hood or a mesh cover.

Should I use water from the tap, from a bottle, or from a distiller?

Tap water is best. The other kinds of water are too clean and don't have the minerals that tap water does. Make sure to treat tap water to get rid of the chlorine before you use it.

Q: Does a single betta's tank need a filter?

No. Betta fish live in mud puddles and rice paddies in the wild, so they can handle less clean water. Also, a filter will cut down on the amount of maintenance your tank needs.

Q: Do betta fish like a tank with a current?

No, they don't like moving water. If you buy a filter, make sure it doesn't make too much current.

Q: Should the tank be deeper?

No. We need to make sure the tank is wider than it is deep. So, our Betta won't have to swim to the top of the water to breathe. You should make sure that the water depth from the substrate (the gravel on the bottom) to the surface is no more than 10 inches.

Q. Do I have to put aeration in my aquarium?

No, not always. Bettas have gills, but they also have a special organ called a labyrinth that lets them breathe the same air we do. With this, it's more important for your fish to be able to swim to the top of the water to breathe than for the water to have enough oxygen.

Q: Does Betta like being in small spaces?

Yes, but only when the birds are nesting. Aside from that, he would be happier if you let him swim around in a bigger tank.

Q. I've noticed that my betta is rubbing himself against the wall and swimming in circles most of the time. Should I be worried?

No. This strange behavior shows that he now wants to move to a bigger tank. This is his way of saying, "I have to get out of here!" and you should listen to him.

Q. How can I tell if mine is a boy or a girl?

Even though there are males with short fins, many male bettas have fins that are longer than those of females. If you want to make sure you got a male, you could look at the colors. Male bettas show more colors than females.

What makes Bettas fight?

Bettas fight when they think that another male of their kind is trying to take over their territory. They have been known to live in small ponds with shallow water. This means that there wouldn't be enough food for two or more males, and it would also be harder for them to flirt with a passing female.

How do I stop Bettas from fighting?

The best way is to not let two or more males live in the same tank together. If you want to introduce a female, put her in a tank next to the male's and watch how they act for a week or so before putting them together. If the male is still being aggressive, try putting another pretty female betta in the tank. They are just like the rest of us in that they sometimes wish they had a prettier friend.

Q. He's biting his own tail, which could hurt him. How should we act?

He must have just been too happy. You can calm his excitement by giving him any of the following treats:

1. Buy him a tank with no curves, since he might have been distracted by his own image.

2. Make him act carefully by putting a woman in front of him, because he doesn't want to look crazy in front of her.

3. Make him feel at ease by giving him something to look at. You could do this by putting him near your TV.

4. You might want to get him a bigger tank.

Q. What happens when he has hurt and hurt himself?

Now, you have to move him to a hospital tank so that the wound doesn't keep getting worse. Make sure the water in the hospital tank is clean so that the healing process can go as quickly as possible.

My betta bit me! Should I be worried?

If he bit you like in the "Charlie bit my finger" video that went viral on YouTube, you shouldn't put too much weight on it. Maybe he's just trying to say "thank you" or "I love you" in a weird way. There's no need to worry about this.