Betta Fish Toys | The Best Betta accessories for happy and active Siamese fighting fish

Betta Fish Mirror Betta fish toys sound silly, but they are actually fun and worth getting. Most Betta fish are kept alone because male Betta fish and male fish will fight with other males until one of them wins. So, an animal living alone in an aquarium might feel lonely and bored, and someone came up with the idea of selling toys. There are no real toys for Betta fish, but there are a few things you can do to have fun and get your Betta to move around and get excited. A mirror and a simple laser pointer would be two of the best toys for a Betta fish. The reason a mirror works so well is that an isolated male fish will see himself in the mirror and think it's another male. It will then start to show off by flaring at it and spreading its fins.

The Zoo Med Floating Betta Exercise Mirror is made by Zoo Med, which makes great aquarium products like accessories for Betta fish. This small mirror hangs with a ball that floats above it. This is called the Betta exercise. Zoo Med says that you should only use the mirror with the fish for up to five minutes at a time, a few times a day. Watch the video below to see how a Betta fish interacts with a mirror while it looks at its own reflection. The second fun and different accessory is a red laser pointer pen that you move slowly inside the tank. The Betta fish will go after it because it looks interesting. Watch the video below to see the strange Betta fish follow the red laser light. We found a pocket-sized laser that cost less than $5 and shipped for free. So, besides or instead of the mirror, your Betta is sure to have fun with its new "Betta toys" and get some exercise.

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