Betta splendens Koi a new strain of fish called Betta Koi

Betta splendens Koi There is something magical and beautiful about Japanese carp known as Koi. These fish are enjoyed by many who can afford outdoor ponds and who can afford to spend a lot of money to acquire the.. But that has all changed now.

The good news is Betta fish lovers can now enjoy their own Koi fish but in a mini profile. That's right Betta splendens Koi are now available and they are just stunning. So if you're looking to buy Betta Koi for sale, you can! Some of the new imported Betta are called Fire Red Lipstick Koi Giant HMPK.

Aquarium Glaser GmbH the importer of ornamental fish from all over the world showcased Betta splendens KOI on their website this month. They have imported a few specimens of this spectacular new strain of fish.

According to Glaser they selected these new specimens based on their appearance from the top looking down on them. They indicated that of thousands of offspring of Betta Koi only a limited amount have the extraordinary Betta spends Koi coloration and this is why they are priced high.

Another reference to these new and beautiful Betta fish appeared on the website called Betta Fish Morphs: Koi Fish! written by Carly B the blog owner who loves all animals over at the Featured Creature. She calls these new fish a mini replica of a Koi fish which instead of inhabiting a pond can take residence in a fish bowl.

Betta fish are gorgeous and worthwhile to keep especially given their tank requirements. Endemic to Thailand these fish inhabits intact marshlands in shallow zones and paddy fields. The IUCN has this species listed on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species marked as VU or vulnerable due to habitat degradation as a main threat to the species and genetic erosion as a secondary threat from escaped farmed stock back into wild habitats.

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