Christmas Moss for Sale Vesicularia montagnei aquatic Xmas moss

Christmas Tree Moss Christmas Moss is also known as 'Amazonia Willow Moss' and 'Christmas Tree Moss' or Xmas Moss due to its side branch structure. This moss is a little more demanding than Java Moss and will grow slowly. This plant is a delightful moss that has a vivid green color and dense looking structure. Christmas Moss will readily attach to rocks and any type of aquarium wood and will happily spread accordingly. Trimming will be needed to maintain its shape which is simple to do.

Vesicularia montagnei is of Asian origin and is closely related to Java moss. This plant is extremely popular with in planted aquariums with hobbyist who buy ornamental fish such as Bettas and Guppies. This species prefers lower temperatures with a decent tolerance for pH range and it can be kept in a low light environment. Additionally Xmas moss can thrive in CO2 or non CO2 aquariums which make it attractive.

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Scientific and common names for Christmas Moss

Vesicularia montagnei
Christmas Moss
Xmas moss
Amazonia Willow Moss

Christmas Tree Moss