Corydoras catfish are great Betta fish tankmates Corydoras Venezuelanus (Orange Bronze Cory Catfish)

Corydoras catfish are great Betta fish tankmates

Albino Betta fish Yes Betta fish tank mates also include a number of choices in the scavenger family. Ideally these are catfish, algae eaters and loaches. There are two species of catfish which are ideal for Betta tanks and they are cory catfish and pleco or Plecostomus catfish. There are numerous species of Corydoras and Plecostomus but you want to stick with the varieties which remain smaller. By smaller we mean around two inches or so on the corys and under five inches on the plecos. It's important to mention the size the Betta aquarium, this guide is intended for a Betta tank which is preferably twenty gallons or longer. The larger the communities tank the better. This is allows the corys and plecos the room they need to scavenge for food and room for the Bettas to swim around with their gorgeous fins floating about. When purchasing Corydoras its best to order at least four as they are a schooling fish. If you decide on a Plecostomus consider ordering one only. Another great scavenger which gets along great with Bettas is the algae eaters also called Otocinclus catfish, otos or dwarf suckermouth catfish. Remember when ordering Otos get three or four of them, they are also schooling fish and remember to add additional food like algae pellets in the aquarium because they will clean all the algae leaving your tank spotless and don't want them to starve! Believe it or not snails make great neighbors for Betta fish and they are safe and colorful while adding interest to tank. One of our favorite recommendations for Betta fish tank mates are Mini Golden Rabbit Snails. These snails are from Sulawesi Indonesia making them one of the rarest snails in the aquarium hobby. Order Today.

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