Dry Indian Almond Leaves imported from Malaysia

Dry Indian Almond Leaves

What Are Indian Almond Leaves?

Dry Ketapang, Catappa or known as Sea or Indian Almond Leaves

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What Are Indian Almond Leaves Good For?

>> For lowering pH level in the freshwater aquarium
>> Active against parasites and bacteria on the fish, especially Bettas
>> Prevents fungus forming on the eggs of the fish
>> Cure torn fins and tails
>> Best use as water softener
>> Best substitute as black water extract
>> Contains properties that help in making Bettas healthier
>> Help build great bubble nest
>> Induces spawning

How are Indian Almond Leaves Used?

A larger aquarium will require a larger piece of dry ketapang leave for maintenance. As a general rule of thumb, I use one dried Ketapang leaf measuring about 5 centimeters by 5 centimeters for every 2 liters (1 gallon) of water. Similarly, for several Betta tanks of roughly the same size, I just need one fully mature and dry Ketapang leaf. You'll need to break up a good chunk of the dried leaf and maintain it in water if you wish to treat rotting fins (or tails). By doing so, healing compounds in the dry leaf can be released, benefiting your Betta's body and fins (or tails). Even my Betta fish have benefited from this technique, which I employ to restore their original flaring form. The presence of dry leaves in the Betta aquarium is essential if you wish to encourage spawning. Whenever you see a breeding pair, after the male has erected its bubble nest, place an uncrumbled piece of dry leaf on top of the bubble nest before the pair mates and releases its eggs.


>> Bettas / Fighting fish
>> Tetras
>> Arowana
>> Shrimps
>> Black water fish
>> South American Biotope


Dry Indian Almond Leaves
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