Feeding Betta fish | What does Betta Fish Eat and how often do you feed Bettas?

Feeding Betta fish

Ok what is the secret to how often do I feed my Betta fish?

After talking about this with many hobbyists at local fish clubs and tropical fish auctions, most Betta fish keepers say that adult fish should be fed once a day. Now, twice a day is fine if you have Betta fry or young Betta fish, like in the morning and evening. Adult fish can also be fed twice a day, but only a small amount each time. This way, they will eat everything but not too much. This way, the fish won't get too much food and waste won't build up in the aquarium. Keep them just a little bit hungry. It is also a good idea to serve Betta food in different ways. So think about giving your fish a variety of foods, such as freeze-dried shrimp, blood worms, and Betta pellets. Also, maybe live brine shrimp. The important thing is to feed different things and not just the same thing. In short, Bettas should eat pellets, bloodworms, and live food.

What is the best way to feed my Betta fish?

If you are always busy, especially in the morning, there is a way out: get an automatic fish feeder. You should spend money on this because it will last for a long time. We recommend buying a programmable feeder which allows you to control how much food and when to feed or dispense the food into your Betta aquarium. The EHEIM Everyday Feeder is what we think is the best food for Betta fish. It is made by Eheim. This fish feeder made in Germany is amazing because the buttons can't get wet, it has a fan and ventilation system built in to keep the food dry, and it comes with 2 AA batteries!!! It also has a two-stage low battery level indicator so you know when to change the batteries. It's easy to set up multiple feedings per day with the digital LCD (remember not more than 2 twice a day for Bettas). This is the perfect solution for keeping fish healthy and taking care of pets when you are busy. And if you buy the Eheim Everyday Feeder, you won't have to worry about how to feed your Betta fish while you're away.

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