Plakat Female | Female Plakat Betta for sale imported from our farm in Thailand

Female Plakat Betta Fish

What are Plakat Betta Fish anyway?

Plakats are a short finned version of the Siamese Fighting Fish commonly known as Betta splendens. Due to inline breeding, breeders of Betta fish are creating some crazy beautiful variations of Bettas. Some of these are bred for color, shape, size, and fins with so many variations. Traditional Show plakats Betta (these are symmetrical wild-type finnage with some enhancement), Modern Show plakats (multi-branching caudals, extended dorsals, longer anals/ventrals, cultivated colors) and Fighter plakats (bettas that have been selectively bred for fighting ability, such as aggression, sharper teeth, harder scales and longevity).

What is different about Plakat compared to regular Betta fish?

Plakat Bettas are generally more response by that we mean active or peppy. This is in comparison to their lingers finned counterparts which may be slower because of longer and excessive finnage. Plakat are more sleeker and it's no surprise that this enables them to be faster in terms of speed. And it's understandable that this variant of Betta fish was created and are sold as Plakat fighter fish. This category is popular not because their just more active fighters but because their colorful and interesting behavior.

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