What fish don't get along with Bettas | Fish not compatible with Bettas

fish don't get along with Bettas

What fish can't live in tanks with 3, 5, 10, or 20 gallon Bettas?

There are a lot of fish that shouldn't be kept with Bettas, but this is a short list of the ones you should avoid. Tetras, Guppies, and Goldfish are the three most common fish that do this. We know that Bettas are usually aggressive with their own kind, but they can also be aggressive with the fish listed above.

Why don't Tetras make good friends for Betta fish?

Many Bettas are known to have long fins, which Tetras use as a target or flag. Tetras swim quickly and will bite and tear at the fins of Bettas.

Why don't Guppies make good friends for Betta fish?

Guppies might seem like a natural choice for a Betta fish's roommate, but they're not a good choice. Bettas don't get along well with Guppy fish because their colors and fins look a lot like those of Bettas. This means that the bright colors and fins of the Guppies make the Betta want to chase or eat them. People think that it might be seen as a threat, like when two male Bettas see each other. Bettas will go after Guppy fish and attack them for some reason.

Why can't Betta fish and Goldfish live together?

Goldfish are strong fish that can live in bad environments. Goldfish live in cold water, but they are known to be pigs when it comes to food. They eat a lot and make a lot of waste. This is important to know because the goldfish waste would need a strong filter like a power filter, which would be too strong for a Betta aquarium.

What other fish in the tank get along well with Betta fish?

Many people who keep tropical fish and Betta fish recommend freshwater shrimp, Corydoras catfish, Otos or Otocinclus catfish, and Apple Snails. By adding freshwater shrimp, cory catfish, and snails to your aquarium, you are really making a beautiful community of different and interesting fish that get along well with each other. The colors and personalities of these people are also very fun. Click here to read more about these recommended fish that get along with Bettas.