Selecting the best Hospital betta tanks and info

Betta hospital tanks

Hospital tanks are necessary for betta fish keepers

A fighter betta fish might start to show some unusual signs. There are times when wool tuffs that look like fungus grow on the gills and fins of fish. You should know that this is a disease that can spread. As soon as this and other signs of sickness show up, decide as soon as possible to buy a hospital tank.

To set up a hospital tank, take a handful of gravel from your main tank that has been cycled and put it in the hospital tank. You should know that the most good bacteria are found in gravel. You can use these good bacteria by letting them grow in your breeding and hospital tank.

You'll need to buy a 10-gallon hospital tank to take care of sick fish. You need this size because you don't know how many of your bettas could get sick and die at any given time. Once you see signs of illness, move them to the hospital tank and give them antibiotics. After treating them for at least two weeks and making sure they are fully better, you can put them back in the community tank. As a last but very important step, make sure to rinse the hospital tank well to stop infections from happening again.

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