Indian Almond leaves (Terminalia catappa) for Betta Fish Aquariums on Sale

Indian Almond leaves

How to use Indian Almond (Catappa) Leaves?

A lot of Asian people who raise tropical fish, especially Betta species, use Indian almond leaves to help the fish breed and keep them healthy and strong. Betta fish do well with them, and hobbyists say it's not unusual for them to start making bubble nests as soon as they're put in the tank. You can put the catappa leaf right into the tank, or you can boil it and put the liquid in the tank.

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Other Benefits of Catappa leaves with Betta fish

-Simulate black water condition which is the natural environment for the tropical fish and shrimps
-Cure sick fish of bacterial infections and to help speed up healing of damaged fins or body injuries
-Enhance fertility of fishes
-Contain humic acids and tannins which have anti-bacterial & anti-fungal properties
-Contains chemical that will bind with ammonia in the water
-Contains calcium needed to activate the muscles and to develop strong bones, teeth and scales
-Enhances the natural color of the fish
-Lowers the pH of the water and absorbs harmful chemicals
-Adds essential trace elements to the water
-Recommended for all fresh water fishes kept in small containers without filters, especially during transportation

Common and Scientific names:

Terminalia Catappa Leaves
Indian Almond Leaves
Tropical Almond Leaves
Sweet Almond Leaves
Wild Almond Leaves
Sea Almond Leaves
Catappa Leaves
Java Almond Leaves
Ketapang Leaves