King Crowntail Betta for Sale - The ultimate achievement in Crowntail breeding Bettas

King Crowntail Betta

King Crowntail Betta the Holy Grail of Breeding Crowntail Bettas

We search breeder inventory to bring you the rare and limited King Crowntail Bettas available online. True King Crowns are rare and highly coveted prizes among Crowntail Betta enthusiasts. When discussing Crowntails the word "Cross Ray" enters the picture because it's the amount of rays which determine if the Betta is considered a Crowntail Betta or a King Crowntail. That said all you need is this one cross ray in the caudal fin to qualify as a Cross Ray. Better specimens of Cross Ray Crowntails will host many secondary ray crossings as possible. As an accepted definition therefore the King Crowntail is essentially a Cross Ray Betta that has eight or more cross ray points, with every single ray overlapping another being considered the most desirable. To read more about this check out What is King Crowntail? Over at The original moderator KH.Choo discusses that King Crowntails are not a result of a single gene, but like Halfmoons are a multi-factoral trait. Their rarity is determined by breeding, environment and food contribute to the phenotype of the King Crown Betta.

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