Mangrove Plants for Sale | Mangrove Anacharis plants are perfect for Betta fish tanks

Mangrove Plants

Betta fish plants Mangrove Anacharis remove nitrates and expel pure oxygen

What are Mangrove Anacharis and why should I add them to my Betta tank or bowl?

Mangrove Anacharis are aquarium plants, actually their stem plants, which have been very popular with saltwater aquarium keepers because these plants eat up unwanted nitrates and phosphates in their troubled tanks. But the secret is out; freshwater fish tanks can enjoy the same benefits. That's why it's perfect to add these to Betta bowls or Betta fish tanks. Especially Betta bowls without filtration; Mangrove Anacharis will add pure oxygen and remove nitrates. And the best part is they are awesome plants to look at, very interesting indeed.

How do I add Mangrove Anacharis to my Betta bowl?

To add Mangrove or Red Mangrove plants to your Betta bowl simply drop the Mangrove into the bowl and let them go to work naturally. Anacharis may tend to float so you can bundle them with a zip tie and attach this to a stone or other weight as ballast. Your Mangrove Anacharis will start to grow fairly fast infusing vast amounts of pure oxygen into your water which also will lead to healthy more vibrant Betta fish.

What is the basic care for Mangrove Betta plants?

Basic tips on caring for your mangrove include some basic requirement which takes no time to implement.

1. Spray the foliage once a day with mist bottle of fresh water.
2. Provide 8 hours of light each day. (40W grow light positioned 14"-18" away UV spectrum)
3. Only prune once plant becomes forked with multiple branches even then don't go crazy the leaves are your nutrient export.
4. Don't allow the old leaves to fall into water.

How often do I clean my Betta bowl with Mangrove seedlings?

With mangrove seedlings in your Betta fish bowls, we recommend the water be changed once a month, replacing it with purchased spring water. The mangroves will clean the water themselves for the most part, absorbing waste from the fish while releasing oxygen into the water.

How do I actually clean my Betta fish bowl containing Mangrove seedlings?

To clean your Betta bowl, pull the seedlings straight up and out of the anchoring material (gravel etc.) one at a time, avoid hitting your Betta fish. Net your fish and place it in a container with at least 3" of spring water. Wash the Betta bowl and contents with hot water and vinegar. Avoid using soap to clean your bowl as it can leave a residue that can be harmful to your Betta. Rinse and dry everything thoroughly. Arrange the seedlings in the bowl and replace the anchoring material around the propagules to hold them upright. Add spring water and gently pour your Betta fish back into the bowl, leaving a little space between the water and opening. Avoid using tap water for your Betta. Read more the importance of Betta water here. Please don't just fill the bowl with plain old tap water!

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