Microworm starter culture for sale

Microworm starter culture

Microworms for Betta fry the perfect first food

There is no question that microworms are the perfect first live food to offer newborn Betta fry. And they are even fancied by juveniles and adult Betta fish too. Offering Betta fish live foods is an advantage over commercial dry foods because live food stimulates the fish growth process much more quickly.

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What exactly are the microworms I'm feeding my Siamese Fighting Fish?

Microworms are a small or tiny nematode about 0.5 to 2.0mm in length and roughly 0.05 mm in diameter. These guys will multiply in vast numbers when cultured und the correct conditions. Many tropical fish hobbyists consider microworms more nutritious compared to hatching your own brine shrimp. The nutritional make up of microworms contains 48% protein, 21% lipids, 7% glycogen, 1% organic acids, and 1% nucleic acids. Approximately 70% of the lipids are fatty acids and the remainder is phospholipids.

Why are microworms better than baby brine shrimp?

Easier to get started
Easier to Harvest for feeding
Hardier Than Brine Shrimp
Easy for fry to catch and consume
Will not cause swim bladder disorder