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Plakat Betta Fish
Offering beautiful Plakat Fighters for Sale. Quantities are limited please review current stock. Save on direct shipping to your home. Carry over 60 varieties of Betta fish online. does not support Betta Fighting but with that said Betta fighters are being sold and will continue to be available. There is nothing wrong with keeping these fish in divided Betta tanks to enjoy the males posturing and flaring at each other without getting hurt. To learn more about "Plakat Thai" and check a great introduction on Plakat Morphs in Thailand and how they are crossbred with other lines such as Cambodian, Vietnamese, and Malaysian over at Siamese CyberAquarium. To learn about Plakat Fighters in their native Thailand read this great article packed with awesome pictures by Kingdom of Plakats - A Short Trip To Thailand. The author details how fighters are brought to the arenas in whisky bottles and are conveniently accommodated in carrier bags. Fighters are sized in such bottles, the caps are rarely opened and players sizes the fish by looking at the side view.

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