Selecting the best Quarantine betta tanks and info

Betta Quarantine tank

Quarantine betta tanks

You must have a quarantine tank separate from your main betta fish tanks. It doesn't matter how many betta fish you have or how few you have. A quarantine tank is a must-have because you can use it to treat sick fish or to keep your fish separate before putting them in your main betta fish tank because you might not know if it has a disease.

You don't want any kind of outbreak to happen. So, I strongly suggest that you keep a new friend in a separate tank for at least a week before you let him into the main betta fish tank. If a betta has parasites or diseases, they will usually kill the host within three days.

Your bettas should be kept in a 10-gallon tank by themselves. You will need to keep the same water conditions in the quarantine tank as in your main betta fish tank. A sponge filter and a water base should be in a good quarantine tank. Keep in mind, though, that you don't need any expensive equipment because you're only using it for quarantine.

After a week in quarantine, you can move your tropical betta fish to where he will live for good. As a last tip, make sure that the lights on the main tank are off for at least a half hour. Since this move is likely to make your betta feel stressed, you can use the steps above to ease that stress. Now, use a regular net to catch your betta and place him gently in his new tank.

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