Rabbit snails are great Betta fish tankmates (Tylomelania) is a genus of viviparous freshwater snails

Rabbit snails

Rabbit snails are great Betta fish tankmates

Rabbit snails, which belong to the genus Tylomelania, are freshwater snails that give live birth to their young. We got them from freshwater lakes in Sulawesi, Indonesia. Scientists have named about 50 different kinds of rabbit snails so far. Even though rabbit snails have been in the aquarium world since 2007 or 2008, they are still not very common. So, there aren't many guides on how to take care of and breed them. There are only a few kinds of Rabbit Snails that you can buy at pet stores today. For example, Yellow Rabbit Snails, Chocolate Rabbit Snails, Golden Rabbit Snails, Black Rabbit Snails, and White Spotted Rabbit Snails are some of the most popular kinds.

Rabbit snails, which are also called Elephant snails, are a great addition to any tank. One thing that makes it fun to take care of rabbit snails is that they are calm. Rabbit snails don't like to bother anything else in the tank with them. Instead, they are known for being curious about everything around them. People might also like Rabbit snails because of how active they are. No matter what time of day or night it is, they love to move around the tank.

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