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SAKURA Betta Fish Food

Sakura Fighting Fish (Betta fish) Food Artificial Mosquito Larva from Thailand

The granule is very small as it is only 0.5 mm. in black color. It is made specially to suit the eating nature of fighting fish by resembling small and floating insects on the water's surface for fighting fish to make the immediate consumption. Feeding continuously also help to improve the color of scale and fin to be more lustrous and make the overall appearance very attractive when fighting fish swims and spreads fin. This feed contains a lot of valuable ingredients such as mosquito larvae, spirulina, white fish meal, shrimp meal, wheat-germ meal, vitamins minerals, squid liver and etc.


Sakura - Betta Fish Food Floating Type Artificial Mosquito Larva
Size : 20 g. / pcs.

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Features :

- Sakura special was specifically formulated for Betta (Fighting Fish) and also other fish that prefer consuming naturally living feeds like the larva of mosquitoes.
- Sakura special is produced from artificial larva of mosquitoes that was analyzed carefully by aquatic animal experts and can be substituted for the naturally living feeds.
- Sakura special, composed of the multi-vitamin and necessary ingredients encapsulated in small black granules, provides a high resistance to diseases, good health, activeness, and strong color.

Ingerdients :

Proteins from spirulina, Carbohydrates, white fish meal, Wheat flour, Wheat-germ meal, Brewer's dried yeast, Soybean meal, Dehydrated alfalfa meal, Shrimp meal, Carotene and noiro spora germ thiamine, Riboflavin supplement, Pyridoxine hydrochloride, Vitamin A supplement, Ascorbic acid, Vitamin B12 supplement, Biotin, Calcium pantothenate, Choline chloride, D activated animal sterol (source of vitamin D3), Folic acid, amino acid, Menadio sodium bisulfate (source of vitamin D activity), Inositol, para-aminobenzonic acid, Zinc oxide, Manganous oxide, Salt, Ferrous chloride, Copper sulfate, Cobalt sulfate, Aluminum sulfate, Magnesium sulfate.

Typical Analysis :

- Crude Protein 32% min.
- Crude Fat 3% min.
- Crude Fiber 5% max.
- Moisture 10% max.

Sakura Fighting Fish (Betta fish) Food Artificial Mosquito Larva from Thialand