Tantora Betta Spa

Tantora Betta Spa

Tantora Betta Spa the Natural Water Conditioner for Betta Fish

Tantora Betta Spa is made by Tantora International makers of Tantora grow and produce natural and organic shrimp food & water conditioning products. There Tantora leaves are carefully selected, harvested and prepared for use. Leaves are foil sealed for freshness and all products are presented with a Tantora branded color label. The Tantora Betta Spa is formulated just for Betta fish made natural herbs and nutrients. Each pouch contains 15 bags.

Benefits of Tantora Betta Spa:
1. Adjust water's pH level to be mildly acidic, suitable for Bettas.
2. Help build up strong and neat scales
3. Color-enhancing
4. Anti-bacteria formula
5. Stress Relieving
6. Strengthen male bettas to build more strong bubble nest which increases hatching rates.
7. Increase survival rate of baby bettas.

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Tantora Betta Spa Natural water conditioner

Tantora Betta Spa is specially formulated herb blend designed to condition your Betta's water. Each pouch contains 15 bags. Use one bag per 2-3 liters and replace once per 7-10 days. Tinting of treated water is normal and mimics the Betta's natural environment.

Features 15 "bags" per pouch
Adjusts water pH, mildly acidic
Enhances fish color
Antibacterial and anti-fungal properties
Tantora's special blend