Undescribed Betta species | Learn which species of Betta are currently undescribed Betta sp.

Undescribed Betta species Betta fish are a large group of small, brightly colored, ray-finned freshwater fish in the gourami family (Osphronemidae). Of the 64 species of Betta that have been named so far, B. splendens, also called Siamese fighting fish, is the most well-known. For the sake of conservation and to keep track of species, these freshwater fish are put into what are called complexes. There are four notable Betta complex which are Betta unimaculata complex, Betta splendens complex, Betta coccina complex and Betta picta complex. There are currently thirteen complexes for these species and one complex for species that haven't been described. Other Betta complex's include, Betta akarensis complex, Betta albimarginata complex, Betta anabatoides complex, Betta bellica complex, Betta coccina complex, Betta dimidiata complex, Betta edithae complex, Betta foerschi complex, Betta picta complex and Betta pugnax complex. The International Betta Congress made a Clearinghouse and Resource Center for all Betta species. This is how the species are grouped. Betta sp., Betta sp. Bangka, Betta sp. Bung Bihn, Betta sp. Kapuas, Betta sp. Pangkalanbun, Betta sp. Sanggau, and Betta sp. Sukadana are all examples of unnamed Betta species.