Grizzle Betta Fish for Sale

Grizzle Betta Fish

What are Grizzle Bettas?

Grizzle Bettas are unusual and beautiful varieties of Betta fish. Their known for their pastel or opaque body which is covered in random flecks and spots of iridescent coloring. The Grizzled Betta will display a distribution of 50% iridescence and 50% pastel coloration. Essentially there should be two distinct shades of the iridescent color. Their bodies and fins will show a paint brush or swirled stroke effect on all of the unpaired fins. This color variation is truly unique and pleasing to look at. We carry HMPK Multicolored Grizzled Halfmoon Plakat Males, Blue Grizzle Lavender Plakat Bettas, Lavender Blue Grizzle Rosetail Halfmoon Bettas, and Blue Grizzle Rosetail Halfmoon Betta.

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