Optimum Betta Fish Food | Highly Nutritious Food for All Betta Fish from Thailand

Optimum Betta Fish Food

Optimum - Micro Pellet Floating Type Betta Fish Food

Optimum Betta Fish Food is comprised of micro pellets which float. Betta fish prefer floating type because their behavior. Betta Food is made with premium grade ingredients and compose of multi-vitamins and necessary ingredients encapsulated in small black granules provides a high resistant to diseases, good health, activeness and strong color. Imported from Thailand.

DESCRIPTION: Optimum - Micro Pellet Floating Type Betta Fish Food
Size : 20 g. / pcs.

Feature: Optimum Betta Fish Food is a special nutritional formulation for all Betta fish. It is complete and balanced in addition to being fortified with spirulina to color enhance your fish. Rich in vitamin C and vitamin E promotes resistance to stress and improves immunity to infectious disease.

Ingerdients: Fish meal, Wheat flour, Corn, Cron glutan meal, Soybean meal, Shrimp meal, Spirulina, Fish oil, Vitamin & Minerals.

Typical Analysis: - Crude Protein 32% min.
- Crude Fat 4% min.
- Crude Fiber 4% max.
- Moisture 10% max.

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