Betta Fish Tank Mates | Are scavengers and snails good to keep with Siamese fighting fish?

Betta Fish Tank Mates

Betta fish tank mates can be other Bettas or Neon Tetras

We learned that it's possible to keep male and female Betta fish together, or both male and female Betta fish in the same tank, but you have to have a plan for how to do this. Here, you can find more information about Betta tank mates. We also learned that Paracheirodon innesi, also called Neon tetras, are a popular aquarium fish that get along well with Bettas. We don't recommend any other Tetras that are bigger. Find out which fish don't get along with Bettas and which fish shouldn't be kept with Bettas.

But wait, are Neon tetras the only fish that can live with Betta fish?

Yes, there are also a number of scavenger fish that can live with Betta fish. These should be catfish, algae eaters, and loaches, if possible. Cory catfish and pleco or Plecostomus catfish are two types of catfish that do well in tanks with Betta fish. Corydoras and Plecostomus come in a lot of different species, but you should stick with the ones that stay small. When we say "smaller," we mean that the corys are about two inches long and the plecos are less than five inches long. It's important to say how big the tank is. This guide is for a Betta tank that is at least 20 gallons and preferably more. The better it is, the bigger the community tank is. This gives the corys and plecos the space they need to look for food and gives the Bettas room to swim around and show off their beautiful fins. Since Corydoras swim in groups, it's best to buy at least four of them at once. If you choose a Plecostomus, you might want to order just one. Algae eaters, also called Otocinclus catfish, otos, or dwarf suckermouth catfish, are another great cleaner fish that gets along well with Bettas. Remember that when you order Otos, you should get at least three or four of them, since they are also schooling fish. Also, don't forget to give them more food, like algae pellets, because they will eat all the algae in your tank, leaving it clean, and you don't want them to go hungry. Even though you might not think so, snails are great neighbors for Betta fish. They are safe and colorful, and they make the tank more interesting. Mini Golden Rabbit Snails are one of our favorite suggestions for Betta fish tank mates. These snails come from Sulawesi, Indonesia, which makes them one of the rarest snails in the aquarium hobby. Order Today.

Short list of Betta fish tank mates

Neon Tetras are great Betta fish tankmates the neon tetra (Paracheirodon innesi)
Corydoras catfish are great Betta fish tankmates Corydoras Venezuelanus (Orange Bronze Cory Catfish)
Otocinclus catfish are great Betta fish tankmates Otocinclus vittatus
Rabbit snails are great Betta fish tankmates (Tylomelania) is a genus of viviparous freshwater snails